CCR Technologies owns proven, proprietary and patented technologies for the purification and reclamation of amines and glycols used in the refining, gas processing, and petrochemicals industries.  At the heart of CCR is a team of passionate, industry leading professionals and skilled operators.

The company’s reclaiming business involves the purification of amine and glycol solutions primarily for refiners and gas processors. CCR Technologies Inc. owns and operates a fleet of mobile vacuum distillation processing units which can be transported directly to the customer’s refinery or gas plant, providing on-site purification of gas treating solutions while the customer’s plant continues to operate. On-site reclaiming provides customers with both economic and environmental benefits by avoiding costly downtime and expensive solution replacement while minimizing the disposal of spent solution.


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Reclaiming is Environmentally Friendly and Can Save your Company Time and Money

CCR has the most proven, efficient and cost effective solution available today. It's a proprietary technology for reclamation and purification of chemical that requires no shutdown of your operations, no costly chemical purchases and no disposal problems.
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